Vincent Kartheiser recently defended his character, Pete Campbell's honor. He insisted that Pete never forced himself onto his neighbor’s au pair in season three’s Souvenir episode.

“It says in the scene, ’she kisses him back,’ ” he said. “After she kisses me back, then we’re supposed to copulate. I don’t know why but she wouldn’t kiss me back! That actress just didn’t want to smooch me. She changed the whole course of Pete Campbell. And Matthew [Weiner] was all, ‘You didn’t rape her! I don’t know why people are saying you raped her! That wasn’t supposed to be rape!’ ”

Pete is a complicated man, ruthless and at the same time a visionary. Does Kartheiser ever think that fans misunderstand Campbell?



“When people tell me that they hate him and they love Don Draper, it tells me a lot about who they are,” Kartheiser said. “It’s not a misunderstanding. It’s a representation of the viewer. The way you choose to look at a Rothko (pictured left) and see what you see in it says so much more about you than it could about Rothko.”

“So it’s the same with Pete Campbell. What you see in Pete Campbell says so much more about you than my portrayal ever could,” he said. “I leave it up to the audience to have their own idea about it and to go as far as they want with it. I never try to correct people about it, or say that they’re missing the point because it’s theirs.”

So Maddicts, what do you see when you look at Pete? Is he an evil rapist or do you love him more than Don Draper?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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