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Sexism in the Workplace, Mad Men Gets it Right

Babyjabba November 15, 2010 User blog:Babyjabba
"It was like that," said Melanie Holmes, vice president at Manpower, the Milwaukee-based consulting agency. "I started working about 10 years after the period of 'Mad Men,' but there was still a lot of fraternization. Gender lines were firmly drawn. And everyone smoked. Nobody seemed to care. Can you imagine someone lighting a cigarette at the desk next to you? In fact, the only thing that bothered me were the full ashtrays."

"It was all a great big game," Linda Schroyer, a secretary in the 1970s, said. "And when I got pinched, I even felt like I was getting a compliment. Isn't that funny?"

What about you Maddicts? Have you experienced sexism in the workplace? Has it really changed that much?

Source: Chicago Tribue

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