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Byff May 11, 2013 User blog:Byff

I have a critique of the site's approach to informing us about the characters and events.

Some of us viewers do not have cable, and are therefore unable to keep up with the show in realtime.  I, for example, am catching the episodes on Netflix.  This means I'm always at best one season behind the show's actual events.

The problem, then, is the potential for revailing TMI in the character wikis.  I just accidentally got a serious spoiler on Pryce while reading his bio.  That, frankly speaking, should never happen.

I would like to suggest that the biographical information for each character be laid out in a structured fashion, season by season.  That way, those of us still in Season 5 would know to stop reading when we arrive at the Season 6 section, and we could avoid the kind of depressing situation I now find myself in.  Please consider adopting an approach like this.

I wanted to find a Feedback link to leave this critique, and failing that, to mention it in a Chat session, but couldn't find Feedback and no one was on Chat.  So my apologies if this isn't an appropriate forum.

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