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Season 6 of Mad Men FINALLY premiered last night, and there were some pretty interesting moments! In the 2 hour-long premiere, a LOT of things happened, so here's a quick recap of some of the most important, and some of the weirdest, moments!
  • Megan is an actress now! Now she’s on daytime TV and getting recognized, and she’s happy as opposed to last season when she was almost as depressed as Don.
  • Roger Sterling's mother passed away and he ended up comforting his secretary with a drink in each hand before breaking down into tears after getting a shoe shine kit from Giorgio.
  • Don's fear of death invaded his ad-campaign vision and it nearly cost the firm an account. Actually the entire episode Don is his brooding self.
  • Another crazy moment for poor Don was when he is at Roger's mother's memorial funeral, and he ends up puking amidst the family!
  • Betty Francis dyed her hair after leaving the house full of homeless youths looking for Sandy. Maybe it's a response to one of these youths calling her a "bottled blonde"? She kind of looks like Elizabeth Taylor, but we're not really feeling it (and her son didn't like it either)!
  • Before this, Betty makes really tasteless rape jokes about Sally's friend Sandy. Not cool, Betty, not cool.
  • Peggy Olson emerged as Don 2.0 in this episode, and she’s the one with the killer pitch: Not Don, who flubs it!
  • You think that Don has an actual friend in the surgeon, but then we later see that he is sleeping with the surgeon's wife. The episode ends with Don saying that he wants to stop doing this (the cheating). Oh, Don.

Overall, it was a pretty depressing episode where death seemed to be the running theme through Roger's story, Don's ad campaign, etc. Don had an especially bad time in the premiere and couldn't seem to keep himself out of his depressed moments. While he was having a horrible time, his new wife Megan was living it up as an actress finally getting some recognition! In fact, the only people who seemed to really be having any positive moments were Peggy and Megan (and I guess the surgeon's wife who Don is sleeping with)!

What did you think of the premiere? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

What did you think of the Season 6 premiere?

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