The Mad Men collection for Banana Republic launches August 11

With Mad Men's growing popularity and accolades come the fashionistas obsessed with the 60's style. Classy, flattering, and dapper are some of the words that come to mind when we see Joan Harris and Don Draper. Who wouldn't want to look like the characters from Mad Men right? Starting on August 11, Banana Republic is offering us the chance to do just that: dress like Mad Men (and Women)!

According to Fashionista, this 65-piece collection is entirely inspired by Mad Men AND collaborated on with Janie Bryant, the fashion designer of Mad Men! The capsule collection features pieces for men and women and is sure to capture the attention of Mad Men fans and vintage clothing fashionistas!

Check out the gallery of gorgeous pieces, courtesy of Shine Yahoo. We simply must have that trench coat and full-skirted dress!

If you're Facebook fans of Banana Republic you can order the collection a day early. We predict that it'll sell out so be sure to pick up your favorite piece quickly!


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