1. Adding in every client or brand that has even been mentioned.  Will go back and do research and fill in details and info boxes (any help is appreciated). Consider these all stubs

2. Adding in all pop culture references such as books, movies, television shows.  These are the ephemera that make the show so captivating.  (For instance, Dante's Inferno and Meditations in an Emergency ). The category and sub-category hierarchy on this really needs to be settled.

3. Character Galleries - these really do not make sense to me.  There seems to be a lack of consistency.  For instance, Gallery:Don Draper is not included in the category Character Galleries.  Likewise with all other character galleries.  Once again, a structured hierarchy or logic of categories would be helpful.  Room for creative categories could be put under its own category or subcategory (i.e. User: Categories). 

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